Sunday, August 16, 2009

A cure for the Monterey Malaise

Black Francis plays one hell of a solo show, which my comrades and I took in on Friday night down at the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur. I know my perspective is a little skewed from being piss-poor at going to shows lately, but still one of the better shows if seen. Hippie bullshit aside, there is a little "magic" down in the redwoods.

Listen to them screams!

We've been hitting the bikes hard lately, and another ride at Ft. Ord just wasn't an exciting prospect, so on Saturday we ventured to Pine Valley in the Ventana Wilderness area (aka the Scene of an earlier blog post involving toxicity, Clarence Carter, and singing Ween around the fire until 6 am). Good old sub-24 hour camping trip, had our household weekend activity cake and ate our wilderness too.

Little burn evidence but not too bad

Avert the gorgon's gaze!

Aww.....(maybe this cancels out the previous porn-related post?)

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reverend dick said...

I am bilious with envy and a little excited by the last photo.