Monday, June 23, 2008

4/4 time signatures are for simpletons

About a week and a half ago, my old chum Prog Rock Rob came down to visit from Oakland. PRR and I met as budding geology students at UW-Madison, and it went downhill quickly from there. What better way to spend a 3-day weekend than to pick up where we left off: drinking too much, making dumb jokes, and singing dumb songs for 3 days?

Friday we went snorkeling down by the lab, and despite some cloudiness we were able to peep on some good stuff. That evening I was eager to show Rob just how terrible the nightlife was here (actually we just wanted to play darts at a bar within walking distance), so after some beers and some grilled food we headed down to (ugh) Cannery Row. Our barhopping was the expected overpriced disappointment, but we did happen to catch a cover band who's leader looked suspiciously like Meatloaf!?
The final song they played was "Whole Lotta Love", and my man Loaf tore the shit out of it. "WOOOOOOMANN! YOU......NEEEEEED.........!!!!" I really wanted to ask him if he did all of his own stunts in "Black Dog", but I couldn't fight through the groupie(s).

Saturday found Rob and I hiking toward Pine Valley in the underused Ventana Wilderness Area. A fine destination, with a view of the fires near Arroyo Seco and a waterfall with swimming hole a mile from camp. Saturday evening found us making friends with a bottle of Maker's Mark, which eventually led to the consumption of some dehydrated gigglers. I really hope we were camped far enough from anyone that they couldn't hear us, or that at the least they had come to the wilderness to hear two idiots sing an hour-and-a-half medley of "Strokin'" and "Poopship Destroyer" at 4 in the morning. I'm sure Dr. C.C. and them Ween boys woulda been proud.

After a late morning hike to the falls, and a freezing cold swim to scare the toxins away, we finally hiked back out to the Progmobile. I'd post some pictures, but they are all on Rob's camera, and by now he's probably written over them with the new King Crimson album.