Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Thunder Threat Pics 2

In an unprecendented manner of having things together, the glorious ThunderCross was followed in less than one month by another glorious event: THUNDER THREAT! If you were there, you might vaguely remember the details. For those absent, there was a big ol' hill, 2 tiny bikes, a dual slalom course, wet and bumpy grass/weeds, approx. 5 cubes of PBR, lots of Darkness, lit-up traffic cones, lots of yelling, and most suprisingly of all: no injuries!! In the end Lyle took the crown in what was likely the quickest run of the night. Another great event, and I do say so myself.

Rumors of a libertarian event in the farmlands of Phil Scharine are circulating like so much wildfire that we will likely cause. ThunderFlamingPalletPlowPondJumpSwayze is taking form, so don't let those Fall blues get ya down.

Thunder Threat Pics 1

Monday, August 21, 2006

Giving Steve Jobs

Things that suck:
iBook's that are locked in French mode
iBook's that crash everytime I try to upload ThunderCross pictures
being in a library

Things that rock knocks:
Thunder Threat at 6:30 this Saturday at Elver Park
looking at ThunderCross pictures at

See you suckaz on Saturday

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Return of the Tiny Bike

Due to recent debauchery, bike sales, job searching, apartment cleaning, job finding and moving to Milwaukee, I've been a first-class clucker when it has come to updating this here website. Not only have I failed to produce a write-up for the bestest ThunderJet ever (ThunderCross!!), but the next ThunderJet is but 6 days away and I don't have the flyer up yet. Fear Not! I am back in the saddle and ready to spew my nonsense across the info superhighway. Pics from ThunderCross and the flyer for TJet: Dual Slalom - Lip Gloss vs. Vertical Threat will be up early this week. They'd be up today if hotmail wasn't played out, but I'll get it for y'all soon, or you can email me at for a flyer. Til then:

TJet Dual Slalom
Saturday, August 26th
Elver Park
6:30 pm

I believe Revolution Cycles is having a party all day that may be migrating out there. A core crew will be out there early trying to establish a proper course. If a meeting time to bike out there comes to light, you'll read it here first (though it might be a month from now).

Lord Hayden - TJet Hype Man

edit: for an instant fix, go to for the flyer and so much more bike buggery!