Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The ol' Pike in the sweatshirt trick

Don't you ever change, west central Wisconsin...........

Contest-winning fish smuggled in sweatshirt

By Theresa Schneider
Leader-Telegram staff

Something smelled fishy at Saturday's Somerset Youth Athletic Association Ice Fishing Contest at Bass Lake: the former winner's sweatshirt.

Lee Shehow of New Richmond, crowned the winner of the contest Saturday, may face criminal charges after admitting to smuggling in the fish to win the contest, keeping it alive in his sweatshirt during the tournament.

Shehow, 38, won Saturday's contest with a 2.42-pound northern pike. Suspicions were raised about Shehow's fish, leading to an investigation, said SYAA spokesman John Montpetit.

Shehow later disqualified himself and gave up the keys to the contest's grand prize, a $27,000 Dodge Dakota pickup truck.

The contest began at noon Saturday. At about 2:30 p.m. Shehow went to the weigh station with his pike.

Undercover investigators at the tournament questioned Shehow's actions. Montpetit said a primary concern was that Shehow bought water at a pace that was inconsistent with what a normal person would drink on a 14-degree day.

Shehow's sweatshirt also was soaked when he turned in his fish to the weigh station.

During the investigation Shehow admitted he hid the pike in his sweatshirt, keeping it alive and later registering it at the weigh station. Montpetit said he could not discuss where the fish came from, but said Shehow admitted to having aquariums in his house.

While no criminal charges have been filed, the case still is under investigation, Montpetit said.

The truck was given Tuesday afternoon to the second-place winner, 26-year-old Monica Slimmen of La Crosse, who caught a 1.72-pound northern pike.

Efforts to contact Shehow on Tuesday night were unsuccessful.

Schneider can be reached at 833-9203 or 800-236-7077.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Return of the Revenge of Rainy Friday Nights

David Lynch has some awesome hair and talks about using ants and dead rats to make paintings.

Jack Nance at 50 looked like he's 80 and is a good example of how something so innocent sounding (drinking yourself to death) can go so wrong. Funny guy, didn't seem real different from Pete in Twin Peaks, which makes him damn near perfect in my book.

The highlight was Dean Stockwell talking about Dennis Hopper and Blue Velvet. He knew Dennis in real life, and knew just how crazy he was going to play Frank Booth, so he came up with the Ben character being even weirder than Frank. Don't forget, Ben's THE MAN.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nude Fatties on the Beach

The lady and I crept up to Ano Nuevo on Monday, which is home to a large (the largest?) rookery of elephant seals every winter.

Started off with a stroll through the redwoods, found a couple of the best guys I know, Newt and Banana Slug:

Don't let the pictures fool you, these guys love being hassled.

This picture looks like I just spent 45 minutes "stocking tubes with Ruckus in the shop basement". Not sure where that face came from.

After our stroll we went to check out the seals. They are maybe the craziest beasts I've seen. They spend half their life diving several thousand feet down in the middle of the ocean for fish, and the other half laying on the beach.

After the pups are weaned, they bunch up in "weaner pods" as seen below. Pups who take multiple mothers become "super weaners" and grow fatter than the other pups, and basically become aggressive dicks.

A group of chuckleheads on our tour couldn't resist asking our elderly guide "how big do the super weiners grow?" She just gave him the straight answer, I think she was secretly pissed she didn't think of it first.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Out of my goddam tree

It's February, I'm working about 50+ hours a week, taking a class at the local university on stream geomorphology for about another 10 a week, and working in mountain streams seems a lifetime away. Of course, they will probably all be on fire this spring anyway, what with the whole "no rainfall" deal here. So if you see me rolling in to your local Arby's and try to pull some "sorry sir, breakfast is over, no cinnamon sticks for you" bullshit, don't say I didn't warn you:

In lighter news, being around undergraduates never fails to amuse. Get stoked to hear about some warehouse parties in Marina and some professors being "haters".