Monday, February 06, 2006

Coming at ya with a crazy pitch Posted by Picasa

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ThunderJoust for the 0 - Seis, Suckas!

Posted by PicasaMere words cannot do justice to the ridiculous event that was the ThunderJoust. Z-Roc managed to have his lip severed before the start, but there were (suprisingly) no major injuries. Beer was chugged, knights were slain, and the crowd actively encouraged violence. Josh, DD, and Rick Allen all advanced to the finals, and in the end 'twas DD who slayed the dark lord Josh and was bestowed with the Jersey most foul and stagnant. A squire from the local journal wandered by and stole our souls, perhaps we shall be notorized. Due to its most excellent nature and the absence of DP, it was decided that another Joust shall be held within a fortnight or two. Expect more dragons, more maidens fair and savaged, and more Turkey Legs!!
--Lord Hayden

This is what a real winner looks like, kids Posted by Picasa

Z-Roc haulin Posted by Picasa

The lances and the ponies Posted by Picasa

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