Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Remember how funny my cankle looked? Well, it is STILL funny, so funny in fact I can't walk without a limp and can't see mountain biking in any near future. In the words of Lorenzo Lamas, "NOT".

At least I got me a gel cast and a negative X-ray today. Called my friend Charlie to keep any and all creeps away from my vulnerable hoof until it's back to solid state.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Purple Cankles

Some things are good for my ankles, but soccer is not one of them. Like Momma always said....."rub some 'Tussin on that damn shit!"

Outer Foot

Inner Foot

I gotta spend the next three days in rivers gimping around like a wino. Can't complain about a trip to Arroyo Seco though, even if it is for class and we aren't camping overnight but driving back and forth both days. What the hell has happened when geology students don't camp overnight in the field, or even have gear for it? As an undergrad I might have been too hungover to process any new information, but at least I was there sipping brandy by the campfire. Dropped more than more share of "Come Sail Away" songbombs on my fellow students too.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Condor is the new Spirit Wolf

Snuck off to Pinnacles National Monument this weekend for a well-deserved day and a half break from the working sucker life. Our third trip there, and after getting shut out for California Condor viewing the first two, we got a snoot-full and a half this time. We watched a flock of 8 or 9 buzzing around and over our heads for about 2 hours Saturday.

Katie for scale

I could link to some good photography with telephoto lenses, but who needs that when you can see how a standard digital camera rolls. Pictures don't do their size justice at any rate.

Messing around in the talus caves

Modern day Atlas

Grade A harassling

Purdy as a vulture