Wednesday, April 25, 2007


All right suckaz, it's been awhile, but here are some highlights of my wayward trip west thusfar:

-guy playing 3 didjaridoos and a conga on Pearl Street in Boulder

-hostel worker in Monterey playing terrible songs on the piano and un-tuned guitar, teaching girl scouts to play shitty irrelevant protest songs

-looking for a place to hike near Mammoth Lakes, finding a naked guy taking a picture of his SUV instead - guess I'll be staying away from the hot springs

-while hiking on a Forest Service road yesterday i saw a large shirtless man descending by me on a Magna 10-speed, I turned around to discover that he was also sans-pants

-saw an Indian playing his wood flute to the tune of the Scorpions' "Gorky Park" on Sunday, complete with cheesy new age synthetic sounds in the background. this was at Pacific Grove's "Ol' Time Days", also known as vendors on a street

-plenty of sea otters and sea lions

-the acquaintance with the world's worst bike path, so slow and filled with mindless tourists, brats pushing each other all over the path, and all other imbiceles to be rendered of no use

-a drunk southerner at a gas station talking shit about the kinds of chew available. he just got done playing pebble beach and was going to play another course the next day, so he probably spent more in two days than i make in a year

Wednesday, February 28, 2007