Thursday, May 11, 2006

Thunder Pursuit

A belated description of the mighty Thunder Pursuit........

A rainy Saturday scared all but the most serious of track cyclists/boozehounds away from the Thunder Pursuit, but the confluence with Lyle's Alley Cat race guaranteed a healthy turnout. Those new to the event were baffled at first, but once Sleight White and Earl took to the course it was on. Dan Powell returned from his 1-race cheating ban to succesful cheat against the heavy favorite Lord Hayden. More hyjinx ensued, included many races involving unknown fixie dudes.

The conditions guaranteed that the races could only last a matter of time before someone crashed onto the ground. Veelander and J-Mac tested your narrator's booze-addled attention span with an epic race included many near catches and reversals of fortune. DP helped Vee immensely by yelling in his face. Throughout all the races the crowd in the gazebo screamed relentlessly for loss of limb and life - mission accomplished.

In the end the sleightest White salvaged victory and was rewarded with the jersey of foulness. I think it's safe to say that we all learned a lot, saved the children, and got 'faced in the name of tiny bikes.

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