Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nude Fatties on the Beach

The lady and I crept up to Ano Nuevo on Monday, which is home to a large (the largest?) rookery of elephant seals every winter.

Started off with a stroll through the redwoods, found a couple of the best guys I know, Newt and Banana Slug:

Don't let the pictures fool you, these guys love being hassled.

This picture looks like I just spent 45 minutes "stocking tubes with Ruckus in the shop basement". Not sure where that face came from.

After our stroll we went to check out the seals. They are maybe the craziest beasts I've seen. They spend half their life diving several thousand feet down in the middle of the ocean for fish, and the other half laying on the beach.

After the pups are weaned, they bunch up in "weaner pods" as seen below. Pups who take multiple mothers become "super weaners" and grow fatter than the other pups, and basically become aggressive dicks.

A group of chuckleheads on our tour couldn't resist asking our elderly guide "how big do the super weiners grow?" She just gave him the straight answer, I think she was secretly pissed she didn't think of it first.


reverend dick said...

The way I heard it, you have to be incredibly flexible to make the super weaner grow by yourself (lacking hands and all), but if you are in a weaner pod maybe you can get some uh, assistance.

Do the banana slugs enjoy the hassling as well?

Lord Hayden said...

Hell yes the slugs like it. When they pull their antennae in that's just there way of saying "awww....finally found my buddy, now I can chill"